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Voicemail Redefined

Since the 1970s, voicemail technology has hardly changed, failing to keep pace with our communication evolution. It's time for a revolution. Our solution reimagines voicemail to be more personalized and efficient, perfectly aligning with the demands of modern businesses and the busy individual. Welcome to the future of voicemail, where every call counts and no message goes unnoticed.

Sublime Features

Revolutionizing Your Call Experience

Summarised Call

Get concise summaries of your calls. Quickly catch up on missed conversations with AI-powered insights, making every message clear and actionable.

Get Notified

Instant notifications for every call, with critical alerts even in silent mode. Stay connected to what's important without missing a beat.

Anytime Availibilty

Keep your business open 24/7 without extra work. Capture every inquiry, day or night, ensuring no customer or important call is ever lost.

Calendar Management

Automate your schedule with AI that manages events during calls. Create, edit, and delete appointments instantly.

Caller Memory & Context

Our AI remembers past callers and context, personalising responses and actions for future interactions.

Unlimited Calls

train your agent

Play Back Messages

Call Summary Notification

Critical Alerts

How It Works

Connect With Beesly In Under 90 Seconds

1. Train AI Agent

Add some information about yourself or your business to give the AI Agent some context when receiving calls

2. Connect Calendar

Connect your google calendar to allow the AI agent to view, edit and create events for you when it is secluded on the call


3. Connect Number

Connect your phone number to Beesly so that we can answer your missed calls and send you summaries on each call


Introducing Our Limitless Pro Plan

Ideal for streamlining your day-to-day life.

Perfect for enhancing efficiency in your business operations.

Free Plan

Download Beesly AI for free now and Unlock more features!



For a Limited time!

Unlimited Calls
Integrate Calendar
AI Remembers previous Calls
Add Followup context
Playback Messages
Call summary & Transcript
Critical/Emergency Call Alerts

We’ve got the answers

What is Beesly?

Beesly is an advanced AI phone call assistant designed to function as your personal assistant. It mimics human-like conversation to handle phone calls and assist you in managing tasks efficiently.

How does Beesly work?

Beesly uses cutting-edge AI technology to understand and respond to natural language during phone calls. It's equipped with a diverse range of features to make your communication seamless and productive.

Is Beesly compatible with both iOS and Android devices

Yes, Beesly is designed to seamlessly operate on both iOS and Android platforms, ensuring a smooth and consistent experience regardless of your device. Whether you're using an iPhone or an Android smartphone, Beesly is made to work effortlessly, providing you with a versatile AI assistant on the go.

Is there a community for Beesly?

Yes! You can Join our vibrant Discord channel to connect with other users, share experiences, and get timely updates and support.

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"No more hiring assistants—try our AI assistant for simplified solutions."

A truly innovative approach to gameplay that sets this agency apart from its peers within the broader industry

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